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Male Centered Therapy

Male centered-therapy? What’s that? Most people think being in therapy means sitting and talking about your feelings, at length. For many teen boys and adult men, that seems…strange. For guys who see themselves as do-ers, fix-ers, and problem solvers, a different approach can be helpful.

Not all guys are like that, of course. Some guys are thoughtful, reflective, introspective and in touch with their feelings. They may see themselves as artists, thinkers, or creators. Or “just an average guy,” for that matter.

We can help. If you’re having problems with an important person in your life, feel bad all the time, have a hard time getting going, are anxious all the time, are struggling with identity issues (or people’s reactions to your identity), or are “always” in trouble, we can help. “Failing to launch”? We can help with that too. People complain that you always act without thinking or are always angry? We can help. Sexual problems? We might even be able to help with that.

We’ll help you learn how to solve problems – including emotional and relationships problems – that you haven’t been able to figure out on your own. We can help you add “doing” to your thinking and feeling, or vice-versa. We can help you learn to control impulsive and angry behaviors…and we can also help you learn to cut loose, if that’s a challenge for you. We can help you learn to not get taken advantage of, and do so without turning you into a jerk.

We work with teen boys and adult men, ages 13-99. We provide individual, family, and occasionally couples therapy.