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Karen Arthur, MA, LCMHC

Karen Arthur is a licensed therapist who works with teens and adults who feel stuck and who may be struggling with anxiety, grief and loss, and chronic health condition management, as well as other issues.  Karen helps clients develop strong coping skills for life’s problems. She welcomes individuals of any religious background (and those who are non-religious), sexual orientation, and gender identity. This creative counselor works with individuals and couples to find the strengths that help them be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Karen holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Appalachian State University and a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy.

I utilize a mix of CBT, mindfulness counseling, reality therapy, and expressive arts therapy. A special note about expressive arts (ExA) – there is no experience or skill necessary, and it is designed for people with any form of arts experiences. Expressive Arts begins slowly and softly. I might ask you to pick a color to represent an emotion, or to build a tower out of office supplies. It’s not about the product – it’s about expressing yourself differently when words just don’t work for you. The process of expressing ourselves in new, innovative ways can help us move beyond the “stuckness” we sometimes feel. I believe strongly that our natural tendency as humans is toward healing. Sometimes, we develop coping skills that work for a while and then lose their potency. Counseling can be a useful place to explore how we are making things work in our lives and how to improve things that aren’t working. As a client-centered counselor, I will encourage you to lead us. I am here to walk with you to a better and brighter future.