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Jennifer Baker, Intern

Jennifer Baker is a master’s level social work intern currently finishing her degree with Western New Mexico University. She works with veterans and active service military members striving to improve symptoms relating to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or challenges transitioning through the various phases of military life. She also helps victims of human trafficking and victims or professionals involved with the criminal justice system. Jen assists clients dealing with issues relating to grief, addiction, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, post-traumatic stress disorder, or a personality or mood disorder diagnosis. She believes that given the right tools, support, and perspective that every individual can lead a full-filling and meaning life that lives up to their own standards and desires.

Jen utilizes an empowerment, strengths-based, and solution-focused approach to therapy with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills mixed in to help clients reach their goals and improve their well-being. She finds value in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches, somatic therapy, empathetic listening, health psychology, nature-based therapy, role play and physical activity. Jen provides guidance on self-awareness, communication skills, mental and physical health, or ways to move out of maladaptive thought or behavioral patterns that are no longer serving oneself. Her professional experience stems from working in the emergency medical services (EMS) in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Prior to that she obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire. She promotes community awareness and advocates for the Blue Heart Campaign which supports victims of human trafficking.